Thursday, July 10, 2008

123 Book Tag

Thanks dear friend, Roselle for this tag. Sorry it took a while before I got a chance to do this. :)

~ Start Copy Here ~


1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences after the tag chain.
5. Spread this tag to as many people as you can.

Book Tag Chain: 1) Only The Good Stuff,2)What Simply Works 3) Reflexes 4) A Blessed Life

~End Copy Here~


"He has been drinking. He has been driving. You have a problem, and I have a question."

hmmm...seem like those lines don't make any sense at all. :) Well, actually, those lines were from the chapter "A Cloak of Love" of that book. From it, the author asks what you're going to do or give to your son given that scenario. You may reprimand him. Teach him a lesson by getting his car keys and not allowing him to drive for a few months. Whatever you choose, he says not to forget to give your child "a cloak of love" afterwards. Embrace him with your loving arms. He desperately needs that at that moment. According to Max Lucado, I quote "Love always protects."


RoseLLe said...

i'm fine, thank you. and thanks for doing this tag. muah!


Colored Heart said...

this is a very good book, and it's written by one of my fave authors. cool selection! never mind the 3 sentences. your short write-up was intriguing enough. they should buy a copy to figure out where they fit. :)p

Catherine said...

Max Lucado's writing is great. Simple but meaningful. I read once one of his book, but forgot the title. I can tell the book you are mentioning is also a great one!


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