Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kaiden Turns 1 Month Old

It's already been a month since I've given birth to our second baby Kaiden. He definitely has grown bigger and heavier with cheeks getting plumper like a little Buddha. :) So far, Noah is doing a great job being an older brother. Whenever Kaiden cries, he would point and look at us, and then run quickly to Kaiden's side. We compliment and give him a sweet kiss in return for being a caring brother. There are times though he gets so playful that he takes his blanket from him, or pulls his mittens from his hands. Being a toddler that he is, we always tell him, "be gentle", or "be soft". Gladly he listens, and then touches his lil brother's head as gently as he can. :)


Colored Heart said...

Hi, pretty boy! I really like looking at baby pics. They are so adorable. Lets you breathe out all stress. I'm feeling sick, but when you see a baby, it's like a sweet balm. I'm healed. Keep sharing those photos. God bless you, sweet-looking Kaiden! You're a charmer.

desperateblogger said...

OMG! he's so big and looks so pogi!
do you take care of the two babies and the housekeeping too?!

desperateblogger said...

ah so you're quite busy pala.. as in! two of my kids had asthma too. it was sheer hell for me (and for them too) whenever they had attacks. don't worry, your babies will eventually outgrow asthma. as long as they eat, okay na yon. God Bless!

annhughes said...

hi congrats you have another angel. looking at his pics makes me smile, he's like my son loves to look at the camera. God Blessed us with our sweet little babies.

Dana & Debbie said...

Oh Sheila! Kaiden has grown alot and he's more handsome now than ever.

I'm glad to hear that Noah is a very good "kuya"...I know, even before, that he will a very good big brother!

Kisses and hugs to both of your angels!


Pinay WAHM said...

Oh my...ang cute ng little baby mo. I'm sure Kaiden will have really great big brother with Noah.

Natutulog ka pa ba Mommy? I can't imagine how you're dividing your time with two little ones.

Have a great weekend...

Mommy J

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RoseLLe said...

wohow...he's a month old now. bilis ng panahon.

post more pictures of them mommy...they are so adorable.




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