Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Noah, Marky and the Bath Tub

Just lovin' the water!

These photos were taken last month when Kimberly, our daycare provider took care of Noah when I was recovering from the Caesarean operation with Kaiden. As usual, he was with his good buddy, Marky who's Kimberly's foster child. I love seeing them play and interact with each other. I'm glad that they enjoy each other's company this early age.


Colored Heart said...

hi! dropping by again. i see how your babies are well and good. i remember my painful C-section... wait, i don't wanna remember it anyway. hehe. how are you doing now?

by the way, i have a new christian blog CLAY IN THE POTTER'S HAND. if you have time, kindly check it out and add my link to yours.

God bless you! take care, dear!

DanaDebbie said...

Noah and his buddy had fun playing with the water on the tub, and soon, baby Kaeden will join them too! More fun!!

Cathy said...

I agree with colored heart, I don't want to remember either but it's there and can't really avoid it. Still numb to these days.

My little one loves bath too. They seem to just enjoy it tirelessly.


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