Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Puppy Kills 2-month old Baby

I was disheartened when I heard this news. We have 2 dogs in the house- a chocolate labrador and a jack russell terrier. Though utterly sweet and loving, we still don't want to take the risk of leaving our children unattended in their presence. You just wouldn't know what could happen. What transpired in this video was an accident. I feel sad for the young parents.


Colored Heart said...

Oh, my word! I can not even stand the idea of having a pet in our house. This is a tragedy! Keep the kids away from your lovely pets for now.

DanaDebbie said...

Very sad to hear/see that kind of news. We used to have 2 golden retriever dogs but we gave them away before Daniel was born. We thought that would be the best thing to do eventhough Dana and I love dogs. We both decided to just have our pets when Daniel is bigger.


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