Wednesday, July 9, 2008

To All Blogging Mothers!

To all blogging mothers like me, here is one guaranteed way to earn money from the comforts of your own home. It's through SocialSpark. All you need to do is sign up for their mailing list. So easy huh? I have been blogging for a few months now, yet I still call myself a newbie since I still have a lot to learn in this arena. I can say that I have been enjoying it so far! Aside from having a means to tell your stories to the whole world, you get to know and meet other people who share interesting stories as well. I love reading other people's blogs and from that aspect, I get to meet new friends especially mothers like me. I just gave birth to a baby boy named Kaiden, and I am grateful that I am part of SocialSpark. SocialSpark has given me an opportunity to earn some money while I take care of my two small, young children without leaving home. Daycare can be very expensive especially with two kids. I used to drive to work. I would leave my only son then to the daycare on my way to the hospital where my office was. Now, having two of them, it may not be a very practical move to drive to work and leave both of them to the daycare. I only earn a decent amount, and with the rising price of gas, it may not be a great idea. I am fortunate though that my good boss had my computer set-up for work at home. However, it may not be enough with the cost of diapers, milk, wipes, baby food, etc. Good thing I found SocialSpark. What I love about it is its unique features, its friendly, colorful layout, and the fact that there's a lot of opportunities to choose from. To add to that, you get paid soon. I can attest to that. So to all blogging mommies out there, join SocialSpark now!

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