Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Noah Hand Painting

During the week that I was in the hospital to give birth to Baby Kaiden, our dear son, Noah was in the daycare who obviously had fun hand painting with his buddy, Marky. It was messy though, but I really don't mind. Enhancing the creative side of him is far more important to me than the mess, or clutter he may make. I remember the story that Randy Pausch shared in his Last Lecture on Life's Lessons when he quested on Oprah. Randy Pausch is a great Computer Science professor who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. When he was little, he liked painting the walls of his room with different things. His parents got dismayed at first but soon realized that it's important that he expressed himself through different means. They encouraged creativity in him and that's what I also wanted to do for our children.


Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Mommy...

The mess! The horror!! LOL...just kidding....

Kids are happiest when they're doing something messy, noh? But you're right of course, cultivating that creativity in him is far more important than any mess he can make.

You mentioned Randy Pausch...I just saw a replay of his guest appearance sa Oprah. I watched it when it first aired, but I still watched it when they aired it again. He is such an inspiration. How I wish we can all do that...look death in the eye and say...I'm ready.

Mommy J

RoseLLe said...

messy times are fun times for kids. they love it!


Dana & Debbie said...

I can tell Noah really had fun painting.. He's still such a handsome boy with that messy face and hands.. )


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