Monday, July 7, 2008

My Mom and Aunt's Vacation

Two weeks ago, my Mom and Aunt came over to see their little grandchildren, and also to help me take care of them. Oh, they did have a grand time! No doubt! Noah, born entertainer himself, impressed his "lolas" with his famous dancing moves. Newborn Kaiden, on the other hand, was so content that he never gave them a difficult time. Both my Mom and Aunt wish that they live near so they can see their "apos" anytime they want to. I guarantee Noah and Kaiden are going to be spoiled if that's the case. :)

Noah Dancing for his Lolas


Dana & Debbie said...

Hhhmmmm....Noah's a dancing baby... Daniel and I enjoyed watching his video. :)

Vhiel said...

oh he is a cutie.. i am inviting you to join the search for the cutie child over at Vhiel's Corner

Rhodey said...

very cute!

Pinay WAHM said...

I wonder where he got those 'dancing moves'??? from Momma maybe?

Hi Mommy a tag for you. I know you posted a pic of your belly at one time but I want to see one with the mommy's face...hehe.

Here's the link.

I know you're busy so no hurry...

Mommy J


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