Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Relaxing Bath

My boys love taking a bath. I guess most kids do! After eating lunch, which leaves them messy oftentimes, I clean them off by giving them a bath. They get excited every time I'd say "bath", and they get more excited when I pour some bubble bath in the water. Oh, it works like magic especially if one or both them are having tantrums. Their mood suddenly changes. Since they use bubble bath or baby wash often, the tub floor could get slippery. And I have to be sure that they don't stand up, or try to reach something that could cause them to slip or fall. There have been a number of toddler injuries and deaths related to bath tubs that have been reported over the years. It's pretty scary for every parent to think of.

In line with bath tubs, I came across a site online that talks about walk in tubs. These kind of tubs are said to be safer and more relaxing to any user. It is even therapeutic. It offers health benefits such as elimination of insomnia, reduction of arthritis, hemorrhoids, etc. The photo below is a sample of a walk in bath tub called the Paradise. Getting in and out of the tub is a lot easier and safer than regular ones. If you want a relaxing bath, simply turn on the 16 jet warm air massage that goes along with the installation. Mmm...I would definitely love that experience.

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