Friday, November 7, 2008

Boosting Your Revenue

Looking for a Jazzercise class was not an easy experience for me. I went online and looked for a class near home, and a time convenient for me. However, trying to get hold of the contact person or instructor was a different story. I had to leave numerous messages but unfortunately, did not receive any call back. I even went to the place, but then no one was there. Finally, I gave up on that location, which would have been a better choice because it's nearest to me. I tried the second location, and I was glad someone called me back. I thought Jazzercise had already closed business. I wish they have an Online Scheduling Software to eliminate hassles on the customers part, and the company itself. It would be easier and faster for both parties. With the software, customers register and pay for the classes online, can purchase and make appointments at the same time, without causing stress on the staff especially on busy times. Additionally, it boosts revenue for the business itself. Aside from that, there is a Dance Studio Software and a Fitness Club Software that help manage business efficiently. For dance, it allows students to schedule their classes online quickly and easily. If class is full, it can add it up to the waitlist. The software shows much promise. I wish every salon, spa, yoga, health club, etc. would take advantage of its benefits. MINDBODY Universal Management Software is surely the way to go.

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