Friday, November 7, 2008

Looking For A Job?

Due to the economic crisis, a number of people have lost their jobs. Most employers had to lay off people to prevent further loss leading to bankruptcy. In our office, we had to cut down expenses and that included manpower. We had to let go of one of our receptionists. My mother used to work 5 times a week on her job. Just recently, her manager decided to cut down the number of days she works to 4 times. Well, it's the hard times. You might be one of those who lost work and currently looking for MN jobs. Are you looking for a job as a nurse, a medical technologist, or as a lab technician? If you are in the medical field like I do, and wish to a pursue a career in the same field, you can find medical jobs in Minneapolis by going to, and doing the Minneapolis job search. You can search for it either by doing the keyword search, or search by category. Startribune gives you a comprehensive list of job openings for any field. There's a cool feature that you may want to check out in their site. It's called the Jobs Video which is on the right side of their site. You can view employer profiles or all jobs video postings. The site gives you helpful advice on how to get hired to career management. I can say that this site offers more than you can expect from a jobs site. Post your resume now. Sign-up is absolutely free and easy.

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