Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun Days

I remember when I was little, every Sunday afternoon, my Dad and his friends would gather in front of the television to watch horse racing live on action. They would make small bets and fortunately, my Dad would win most of the time. It was a fun and loud afternoon. Each one had his own favorites. They would all cheer for their bets until the leading horse reaches the finish line. Those were one of those crazy afternoons I certainly would never forget.

The horse racing in London which is held at the magnificent Kempton Park offers wonderful packages for everyone. That includes discounts for groups, free entrance for kids, free racecards for booking in advance, and special prices for concessions. They also have Hospitality options that you can choose from. If you want to have spectacular views over the course, you can pick the Panoramic Bar & Restaurant. They have a number of Private Boxes with balconies for each one where you can view the finish line. Oh, that would be awesome!

Watch the horse racing at Kempton Park. Check out their race calendar and book in advance. I might want to tell my Dad about this. That would definitely excite him!

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