Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Yeah, I know I greeted late. :) Anyway, Noah had a great time yesterday. Him and Kaiden wore Tiger outfits. It took my husband and I to get Noah wear his costume because he was resisting it initially. But, he gave in finally when we told him he's going to have lots of coco's (meaning chocolates in Noah's vocabulary)candies and cookies from the trick or treating. It's funny because everytime Noah would see a pumpkin, he'd say "uh-kin" or "bye uh-kin" as we left the houses. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take photos of them in costume! We had already taken off their costumes when I remembered. Gee..of all occasions! hehe :) Anyways, as my hubby suggested, let them just wear their Tiger costumes again for the picture taking. Oh well...good luck with that! :)


Lily said...

Hi Shiela,

Belated happy halloween din.pasensya kana late din ako sa pag bloghop. medyo busy na rin this days.your babies look so adorable on slideshow pics on the side bar.
Take care and enjoy the week-end.
God bless.

DebbieDana said...

Hi Mommy Sheila!

I know both Noah and Kaiden look sooooooooo adorable and cute in their outfits! Will wait for the pics, ok? Hugs to them!


Catherine said...

We don't celebrate Halloween at my place, anyway feel that you enjoy on this day. Just wish you here too, Happy Halloween!


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