Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my pretty friend Elsa and her handsome son, Connor! My family had a great time yesterday. Thank you for the warm hospitality and the super yummmmmy food! (Salamat sa pauwi ha! hehe :))

It was indeed a wonderful time as I also had a chance to meet other Pinays like me. Very kind! I met some of them at a party last year and this was only the second time I've seen them again. We're planning to meet again since one of them lives just a few blocks away from us. I'm truly excited! :)


AngelNoah said...

Hi sis,
Thanks for the visit.
By the way, pls. update my blog My World of Life's Adventures.


have a happy turkey day! :)

Blogger said...

hi i have added ur blog name in the my blog list . check out friend and add my blog also pls(link back) thank u in advance..

Blogger said...

Sorry i forgot to add link here it is

Shimumsy said...

hi sheila,
it's been a while that i haven't been back here. belated happy thanksgiving.
hope to hop back here more often. have a nice weekend.

Danah said...

Hi! dear, here for a visit to give you a tag...
tc and goodnight!

Maya said...

Nice to hear that your having a great time.
Sorry been out again with saying.
so, How's things with you?

Youngest said...

hello dear, got a tag for you. :)

Brian and Labelle said...

Thanks for the comments. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your boys are really cute.

SARFRAS said...

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Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Mommy!!!

It's been a while. Kumusta ka na? Looks like you're so bisi kasi di ka nag blog for a few days....motherhood to 2 cute boys [plus work on the side] I'm sure make you so so busy.

Mommy J

Eunice said...

Hi sis! Do you have an email address for me to contact you regarding advertising stuff? Thanks!

email me ok!

Eunice (travelerfolio)

DebbieDana said...

It's always nice to get together with our friends especially if they happen to be pinays!

Happy belated birthday to your friend!


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