Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Saving Adventure

I've never been this excited collecting and printing coupons from the internet. For the past few days, I have been "thoroughly" reading the couponmom website and I'm pretty much sold by her ideas on how to save extra bucks from coupons. It's very interesting. I downloaded 3 of her free ebooks and have been studying them like a diligent student. How I learned about her was through watching Oprah. She's popularly called the couponmom. I was amazed how she was able to save a big amount of money through coupons and by being a strategic shopper. In her website,, I find the Grocery Coupon Database to be very helpful in finding the coupons I want let's say "toothpaste". I also use the Grocery Deals List to find what's on sale on my favorite stores e.g. Walmart, and also to see if a certain item I like or need like "toothpaste" is on sale or not. If there's a coupon for that, then that would give me a much better deal! Coupon on top a sale! If you have store coupon and a manufaturer coupon, wow! that would awesome! I might end up paying a lot less, or even nothing! hehe :) I have just started collecting my coupons. I haven't really gone to the stores yet and see how much I'd save. I'll try to keep everyone updated about my "saving adventure". Keep on reading! :)

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