Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eat Healthy

Mmmm yum yum! Noah eats vegetables depending on his mood and how they are cooked. I guess that is typical for any toddler like my son. My husband steams broccoli and puts cheese on it. Oh, Noah loves broccoli when prepared that way even if it is topped with spicy melted pepper jack cheese. He eats green beans especially when it is cooked with bacon. Asparagus is also one of his favorites especially if it is steamed and buttered. Whenever I prepare pot roast for dinner, I'd give him some baby carrots and he would munch on them like finger foods. He also loves fruits. Banana, cantaloupe, apple, grapes are among his favorites. Eating healthy is one habit that we would want him to develop like The Sproutwells. The Sproutwells are the fruit and veggie family that takes living healthy seriously. Participate in freshfunds and collect points to win some cool prizes. Prizes include Nintendo Wii Fit, ski weekend for two, elliptical machine which I have been desiring to have, and a lot more. Follow it closely as there are new prizes every week like the new Apple MacBOOK. That sounds like the gadget of a techie-holic like me. Points that you accumulate can also go to charity donations. Join now.


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