Friday, March 13, 2009

The Blue Luggage

I know it may be too early, but we've already planned to spend our Christmas in California this year. We're going to Disneyland. In fact, it is part of our Christmas gift to ourselves as a family. I think I'm more excited than Noah is. lol! Noah would definitely enjoy this for he surely knows Mickey Mouse. In the morning, he would always ask me to turn on the TV to watch Mickey Mouse and Friends. Most of the time, he'd sing and dance the Hotdog song while baby Kaiden tries to catch up with his moves.

We would definitely need a luggage for this trip. My hubby does have luggage sets that he brings along each time he travels for work. Honestly, we're not planning to bring much. But, just enough for we have 2 little kids who are already a handful. Looking at the bag that we plan to take, I think we need to buy a new travel luggage. Because of constant use, it's already showing some wear and tear. I would prefer a wheeled luggage from Innovation. I'm glad it's on sale and shipping is FREE! It's a nice Expandable Suiter Trolley called Delsey Helium Fusion. I like its bright blue color making it noticeable and easy to find. We can put a lot more stuff in it for the bag itself is not heavy. It also has a lot of useful features that we can take advantage of.

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