Saturday, March 7, 2009

Francis M.

I knew he had leukemia before. But, I never thought that his death would be this soon. I used to watch him in the Philippines when he co-hosted Eat Bulaga with Michael V. and others. He's such a great talent and a good-looking face. I will always remember his popular rap songs, "Mga Kababayan Ko", and "Cold Summer Nights", one of my faves.


Chris said...

haay... he will surely be missed... i get teary eyed each time i watch the tributes made for him...

Fred said...

Francis M was my favorite rapper. He used to have different hair colorings. That's why one movie he was in had problems because of this. There is no continuation if the Master Rapper keeps reporting for work sporting different hair colors. What the director did was ask him to wear a 'snowcap' to cover his head.
Francis M. was also credited with coining the word -DABARKADS- in reference to Eat Bulaga's massive fan base. We miss him!!
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