Monday, March 2, 2009

Going Organic

Apples, oranges, strawberries, bananas, grapes, cantaloupes... I stocked up on these fruits while on sale and I have my refrigerator full of them. Strawberries on sale for $1.29, and grapes for 89 cents per pound. Bananas were on sale for 39 cents per pound. I got 2 cantaloupes for only $3.00. Now, I don't have to worry about what to give my little ones for snack, or when they get hungry. As much as possible, I'd rather give them fruit or any healthy food instead of cookies, chips filled with sugar and fats for snack. This early on, I would want them to get into the habit of healthy eating. At the same time, it has been my dream to have a vegetable or fruit garden at my backyard. It's just not possible right now because of our dear dogs. But when that time comes, I would want my kids to plant and water the garden with me. Organic gardening is one thing that I've been considering. I've been awed by the benefits of organic gardening. Because of the absence of chemical pesticides, you are assured that the food you eat has higher vitamin and mineral content, and that it is more flavorful or intense. Organic gardening is better for the environment as well. Right now, I'm thinking of getting an organic rose care kit for the rose plants at our front yard.

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TradingBoss said...

my friend lose 30 kg when he change his diet to organic food , i think Organic mostly food will be future food


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