Tuesday, March 17, 2009

With Bangs

I have been wanting to have a haircut since last month. I always forget to call the place to set up an appointment. My hair has gotten too long and totally out of style. I have always worn bangs, and I guess I'd probably have it styled the same way again. I'm contemplating on having it dyed or colored as well. But, I haven't totally made up my mind on that yet for that could cause a drastic change on the way I look now.

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bb. ella said...

i want a haircut too :D urgh ! but my mom argues with me everytime i mention that .

bb. ella said...

my mom argues with me about that this . i want a new haircut !! urgh !

DebbieDana said...

I can't remember that last time I had my haircut, hehe! I want it long because it makes me feel warm during winter. But since it's almost spring and started to get warm lately, I'm thinking of having my haircut. And again, I thought....hhhhmmmmm, I'll just wait until we arrive in the Philippines, mas makakamura pa ko dun, lapit naman ng uwi namin eh... :)


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