Friday, June 19, 2009

Chic, Affordable Clothes

I was lucky I got quite a number of maternity clothes when I was pregnant with both of my two sons. My aunt from California supplied me with cute, trendy clothes that I can wear even when I'm not pregnant at all. A few of them though won't fit me anymore because I gained some pounds, unfortunately. My friend and co-worker who's due in August has been looking for fashionable yet inexpensive maternity clothes that she can wear at work or anywhere else. I showed her what I found online. And, as expected, she got excited! They perfectly suit her taste and style. She loves floral dresses and chic tops as shown below.

She's young and petite. Actually, you could hardly tell she was pregnant until she reached 7 months. When I told her about Kiki's Fashions, she spent most of the day browsing the site even during work hours. I can't blame her. They're not only pretty and uniquely designed, but most of all they're affordable. My boss didn't care. She understands, and she's her Mom.

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