Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not Really a Happy One

Today is Kaiden's actual birthday - June 16th. And, he is sick. :( Yesterday, we had to see his doctor for a check-up. He had been running a fever and is suffering from stuffy nose and cough. We didn't do the tradition of having him eat or mess up with his birthday cake today. My baby was a bit gloomy and fussy at the same time although there were times that he'd play with his brother Noah. He won't eat as much as he used to. I had to change his diaper more often today for he had been having diarrhea. I guess that's from the antibiotic he's taking. Oh, my poor birthday boy... Surely not a fun way to celebrate your birthday. :(


onlinemommy said...

That is really sad mommy. But usually the baby get sick either before and after her/his birthday.

I hope he get well soon.

DebbieDana said...

Oh, I'm very sorry to hear about Kaiden being sick on his actual birthday.Naku, kawawa nga naman. How is he now? Hope he feels alot better and getting his strength and energy back again. Hugs to him!!

I still want to cheer you up and greet handsome Kaiden a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Debbie :)

Juliana said...

Hi! Shiela

here's hoping Kaiden gets better soon.


PinayWAHM said...

Awww....what a way to have a birthday. I hope he's feeling better na. Don't you just it's you who is sick when our babies are sick? Itong akin pa naman dramatic pag may sakit...buti na lang madalang magkasakit.....

Take it easy Mommy. Birthday greetings to your little man....

Mommy J


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