Sunday, June 7, 2009

Feel Secured and Protected

On the week of Kaiden's actual birthday, my husband would be gone. And often on weekends, he leaves for an out of town game. Most of the time, I'm left alone with our two little children, two dogs and a cat. It can be pretty scary at times when there's no man in the house. Watching the news about houses being robbed, or families being massacred makes it more scary. I mentioned in my earlier post about my friend whose house was robbed a year ago. Her husband's collection of guns were all taken. You feel violated when this happens to you. And you get paranoid, too. That's how I felt when our car was broken into and got my purse and my reliable GPS. Recalling those experience makes me want to get an ADT home security.

Right now, ADT has a promo which can save you as much as $200. You can get your home set up for a security system for as low as $99. Great deal! Two of my friends at work got ADT and they have never felt more secure. One of them even did a test or a trial and she was amazed how quick the response was. You are assured of protection round the clock. Any time of the day, you can rely on their trained professionals. If monthly fees are worrying you, they do have them at a low price you can afford. Be protected with ADT Security System.

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