Monday, June 22, 2009

Green Beans Galore!

our green bean plants
green bean harvests

I picked a bunch of green beans from our garden while my boys were busy playing in the yard. I suppose I never have to buy them from the store for this season since it seems there would be a constant harvest. This is one of our favorite veggies. I usually cook them with onion, chicken broth or chicken bouillon, and bacon. Yummeh! :)


DebbieDana said...

Oh wow! Mommy Sheila,pahingi naman, hehe! One of my favorites too- green beans!! Sarapppp!!

Thank you Lord ok na si baby Kaiden.. Buti naman no, pag maysakit kasi ang baby natin, we're more hurt for them...

Hugs to Kaiden, pati na rin si Noah! Mwaaaaaaaaaaah...

Debbie :)

onlinemommy said...

Wow, these are really fresh! Sarap to mommy kahit i-steam lang. You are blessed to have your own veggie garden :)

RoseLLe said...

hi! how you doing?...tagal akong di naka visit :(.

i wish i could grow veggies too...hirap ako sa space dito. enjoy your harvest.

Living In Australia

Juliana said...

this is great! last year, I had green beans too. this year, hanggang herbs lang ako.

how's Kaiden? hope he is doing good now. Ingat lagi.



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