Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mailbox To Suit Your Taste

My husband and I have been crossing our fingers that our stocks would continue to do good because only then we can decide to finally move out to our dream house. Whenever there's a chance, we would drive by the house we wanted to buy and move to some day. It has a beautiful, wide open layout. It is more spacious and has a pleasant ambience. As much as possible, we would want it to be in a cul-de-sac for a bigger back yard. Last weekend, we came to visit the model house and we continue to get amazed by its design.

I noticed the mailboxes as we were walking around the area. They were designed beautifully as well. I like this Mayne & Salsbury Signature mailbox.

What attracted me most with this mail box was the container where you could put plants or flowers at the back for a pretty look. As of now, they offer FREE shipping if you order such kind. Mailboxixchange has been noted for its elegant looking, trendy and durable mail boxes. No wonder they were featured in our local newspaper The Kansas City Star.

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