Saturday, July 18, 2009

Garden Equipment

I can't believe how our tomato plants can yield so much produce! If I counted them right, I think we have almost 20 tomato plants of different varieties. Crazy, huh?! :) Believe it or not, those were given to me on Mother's Day by my sweet hubby. I initially planted tomatoes from seeds. But, unfortunately, they all wilted and died. My hubby saw my disappointment so he decided to replace them. It was actually surprise. When he brought home the plants, I thought we're going to grow a tomato plantation! lol! :) He loves tomatoes and so do I. For what kinds we have, I believe we have Red Cherry, Large Red Cherry, Tomato Russet, Arkansas tomato, Tomato Sugary, etc.

Taking care of your plants would require good and reliable garden equipment. Everything has all he products you need for gardening. They do have skid steer attachments, post hole digger, zero turn mowers, etc. No doubt all their equipment are of quality standard. They are well known in their line of business as they have been serving the public for more than 60 years now. If you're unsure of what product to get, or want to know more about their equipment, you can check their amazing demo video library anytime.

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