Monday, July 6, 2009

Soldier Fighting in Pink Shorts

I just wanted to share this story I read last weekend about a soldier who fought in Afghanistan wearing his pink boxer shorts. Very admirable for his shown courage, and cute for the pink color. :)

Soldier who fought in his boxers is back home
from Kansas City Star

The soldier who was photographed fighting the Taliban in his boxer shorts said he’s glad to be back home in Texas after his yearlong deployment to Afghanistan — especially on the Fourth of July.

Spc. Zachary Boyd said he initially thought he’d get in trouble after a May 11 Associated Press photo showed him with other soldiers behind sandbags while he wore pink boxers and flip-flops, along with his helmet and bulletproof vest.

The Fort Worth soldier said he had jumped up from a nap when his unit came under fire and didn’t want to waste time putting on his uniform.

But Boyd has been praised for his courage.

And now that he’s home in Fort Worth, he said his boxers will be displayed in the 1st Infantry Division museum at Fort Riley, Kan.


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