Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Red Cherry Tomatoes

At last they turned red! ( or orange hehe:)). We have been picking a handful of red cherry tomatoes from our garden since two weeks ago. Both from our ground tomato plants and upside down ones. They've already been tried and tested as my hubby made some tacos yesterday with tomatoes, of course. Few days ago, I used them for spaghetti and "pork sinigang". I love eating them raw with salt. Mmmm...yummeh! :)


DebbieDana said...

Wow! I love red cherry tomatoes! We don't have them in our garden, we only have the huge green ones and then turn red... If only we live close to you, i'm sure, I'm aways in your doorstep, manghihingi ng red cherry tomatoes, hehe!

Jean said...

That was such a great idea, using the old pails for your tomatoes. I grew them upside down once but I wasn't as clever as you - I used those green topsy-turvy pots. They worked well, but needed a lot of water.
Now I'm in Palm Springs - the upper desert. I'm afraid to use them since it's so dry here, but I am growing cherry tomatoes in containers placed on the ground. Winter is tomato season here because the summers are 'way too hot and dry.
Cherry tomatoes are my "candy" of choice. I'm addicted, and during the off season in Palm Springs, I grow them in Los Angeles.
There's something about eating them right off the vine. Even the farmers markets don't do them justice.
Happy New Year! Here's to many years of happy and successful tomato plantings.
By the way, your boys are adorable.


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