Sunday, July 12, 2009

The NFL Season

It has been a great weekend for the family. My husband decided to let his assistant trainer go to Boston this time for the game against New England Revs. Last week, he left for Seattle Monday and arrived home Wednesday. And, our little Noah didn't like that at all. The following morning after he left, he looked through the small glass on our front door and shouted, "Daddy coming home!". He ran to the glass window in the living room and said the same words. I felt so sad for him. He was hoping he would wake up with Daddy around. I'm glad that my husband decided to spend the weekend with us instead. I could see in Noah's face and behavior that he was so happy with Daddy's decision.

During the football season, we would normally watch football while munching on our favorite popcorn. I wish one day we'd get to see the game live. That would be a lot more exciting! I guess I have to check the nfl sunday ticket price over the internet one of these days. As of now, I think I'd be satisfied watching it on DirecTV. They have what is called the NFL Sunday Ticket where you get to see more than 200 games every season. For you not to miss a game, you can check their nfl sunday ticket schedule. Since my hubby is into Fantasy Football, their Player Tracker would surely be helpful. He'd like that definitely.

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Stuff could always be worse said...

Glad you are working so hard on your hubbys football love. I love Directv also.


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