Thursday, July 9, 2009

Unique Lamps

Eversince Kaiden turned 1, walking and becoming more independent, I can say that I now have time, or more time for myself, and our "semi-neglected" house. I don't have to carry him all the time not like when he was still younger. Him and his older brother Noah can play with each other or by themselves while I clean the house, or try on new make-ups and clothes. With the house, I feel the urge to re-decorate it somehow. I'm thinking of replacing the decorations, the lamps, the table lamps most especially. I've been eyeing this table lamp for quite a while. Very unique and classy looking.

I'm also considering getting torchieres to make the house prettier. A dramatic effect is what I want to achieve.

Oh, I'm in love with this torchiere. It's a Paloma Collection by Quoizel. It's so exquisitely crafted. Very artistically done. I just get mesmerized by its unique beauty. The challenge would be where to place it safely. Since I have two adventurous kids, looking for a place to put it would be challenging. Or, I may have to wait patiently for more years before I can finally re-decorate our house, unfortunately. Oh well...


onlinemommy said...

These are adorable lamps...

I have another award for mommy. You may grab it from

Balaji said...

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