Saturday, August 16, 2008

Noah *winks and says "GOOGLE!"

Amazing how a baby's vocabulary increases each day. At almost 18 months, there's been a surge in vocabulary as far as Noah's language development is concerned. The range of words he speaks has been increasing rapidly. We can't help but smile, and sometimes laugh because of how funny he pronounces some words. Just few weeks ago, I spoke to him the word "GOOGLE once, and I was totally surprised that he was able to get it right away. Now, that's my baby! hehe :) We have also been teaching him some sign language (picking only the commonly used ones) since he was 8 months old to reduce frustration in communicating. So far, it has helped us to provide exactly what he needs at the shortest time with less frustration on both ends. He knows how to sign eat, more, drink, milk, sleep, diaper. He points to his diaper or shorts, gets a new one, and lies down whenever he needs it changed. Funny when he does this. :)

Here are some words he speaks:
1. O-ow Wad-ju-ju-ju? - O-oh What did u do? :)
2. baba- head butt (him and his daddy play "soft" head butt :))
3. gi da!- get down! ( he shouts those commands to the dogs especially to Sofie, our lab, coz she likes jumping and standing on the gate whenever we arrive at the door)
4. bats- balls ( i don't know why he pronounces it that way :))
5. diti- dirty

6. ten chu- thank you
7. clock
8. eyes
9. juice
10. dance
11. cheese
12. banana- nana

14. etc. etc... (words of his own that we still have to decipher :) )


DebbieDana said...

WOW, Daniel and I enjoyed watching the video, I told him that's Noah, his online friend and he smiled so wide...

Anyway, it makes me smile how Noah pronounce some of the words you had written... It's so cute! But I can tell, he's a very smart little boy!

Bella Sweet Cakes said...

Very cute... why dont you get him You're Baby can read .. its a series of DVD that teaches young kids to read,, he'll pick it up quick..
have a nice day,,, see you

Unknown said...

Woohoo! Thanks, sis, for remembering me! Noah is sooo adorable. ST, too, had a strange vocabulary when she was one. Your son's an online kid. Might as well open a blog account fo him. LOL!:)


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