Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flying For a Vacation

The positive side of not making to the playoffs is having to spend more time, more weekends with the family. My hubby's team unfortunately didn't make it to the playoffs. The teams competing for the championship are on their last few games. We just get to watch them on TV. A week from now, my hubby will fly to Seattle to receive his award for MLS Trainer of the Year. The boys and I would want to be with him on that special day. But then, it wouldn't be a wise idea to fly there with the kids, come back and fly again the week after for our Thanksgiving vacation in Arizona. It would be taxing for all of us especially the kids. Besides, I can't take any more time off from work. As a wife, I would want to be there to show him my love and support.

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JASTIKA said...

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Miz Shamz said...

hey nice...i need a vacation also..but stuck with work...soon i will have the final sem school break and i have plans..hope it works...anyway congrats to your husband for the award..God bless.

Miz Shamz said...

hey there...i wish i could go for a vacation...i need one badly..i will soon i hope..neway congrats to ur hubby for the award.God bless.. tc dear


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