Thursday, February 7, 2008

first sign language

I feel proud of our baby Noah! He did his first sign language today! We have been teaching Noah some sign language for 2 weeks now and i was amazed that he was able to do the "milk" sign today. At first, i thought he was only doing a trick like "close-open" hand trick. But, i realized that he might be telling me that he wanted "milk". So i tried giving him milk and i was right. He really wanted milk. I was so happy that he's learning what we have been consistently and patiently teaching him. Some of the words we have been trying to teach Noah are "drink", " eat","Cheerios" and "sleep." So far, he knows what drink means and what Cheerios are, but doesn't do the sign language for those words yet. But i know we're getting there. :) For all mothers out there who are interested, here's the website we've been watching for baby sign language.

Anyway, Noah had a fever last night and today as well. I gave him a lukewarm bath to control his temperature and so far, it's working. He never had a problem eating, drinking or playing though. In fact, he had been eating a lot! He had been drinking his juice, water and milk more than ever. Only yesterday that he acted different for he was unusually quiet, and very sweet. He would always put down his head on my lap, wanting to be hugged or cuddled. When he was sleeping last night, good thing i thought of getting him from his crib to sleep with me. That's when i felt he was hot. Usually, i just let him sleep on his crib throughout the night except when Daddy's here. His Daddy oftentimes want him in bed with us. Today, when he was taking his afternoon nap, his temperature was high again. So i gave him Tylenol. This morning and before he slept tonight, i gave him a lukewarm bath and put him on light clothing. Hope he doesn't get a fever again. In case he does, i might need to call our doctor tomorrow morning and make an appointment if at all possible.

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