Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Touching Letter from Nana

Today, Noah got his first letter. It was from his Nana Joan. Nana Joan, as I've mentioned in my previous post, is a special family friend, and like a second mother to us, especially to my husband. When Noah was born, Chet, my husband, was delighted to tell Nana about his birth, much to her surprise. Actually, Chet forgot it was her birthday. Joan thought he called to greet her a happy birthday. So when he told her that Noah was born that day, she was dumbfounded! She couldn't believe it! She was apparently elated about the great news! Imagine, of all the days that Noah could be born! In fact, Noah was not yet due to be delivered that day. He just had to come out since he had been suffering from bradycardia (slowing of the heart rate). He was delivered 3 weeks early through emergency C-section. It was indeed a special day for all of us.
Anyway, here's what the letter of Nana Joan to Noah says. Very heartwarming. :)

February 21, 2008

Dear Noah,

Last night, we celebrated our birthdays. You turned the big #1 and I turned the awful #67. Just kidding- I have no problem with my age. I must backtrack and state our respective days are the 19th- but due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances we had to delay the celebration. The party was a success. I calculate success based on the amout of times people laughed, the fun we had and of course the good food. It wasn't a long evening but a very nice evening. You are now walking all over the place and into all of Nana's stuff- which she doesn't mind at all- as I have so much fun watching you waddle around. Your dad and mom were there- so was your brother Kaiden- but he's not out yet- Ruby was there- she's so great. Todd and Isaac and Ava came late becuase Todd had to teach a religion class- and Teresa came for dinner. You played with Ava a lot- she likes you and you liked her- I guess you have an eye for the pretty girls! I made those funny sounds that you always laugh at and then you imitated me. You stinker... We had a wonderful birthday cake and we all blew out the candles. You got your finger too close to the fire and burned yourself a bit- but you didn't even cry- brave boy. Noah- I don't know when you will be able to read and understand this letter- I don't even know if I will be here- as God may have other plans. Everything looks good right now but one never knows. So every year I hope to get a letter off to you and someday when you're grown up- you will know that there was lady in your life who was your Nana and who cherished you.

You are loved Noah



wifespeak said...

Hi. What a touching letter. You are indeed blessed, my dear. Hard to find friends like her these days. Btw, you're gorgeous and your baby is the cutest. I'll hit you back soon, dear.

Lalaine said...

this just the sweetest thing..

Lily said...

Wow! Its worth keeping, for ur son to read someday. its very sweet and very touching,youre lucky to have friends like her, tc and wishing you a happy week-end.


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