Sunday, February 10, 2008

yuckie phlegm! :)

Oh my! I coughed this morning and lo and behold! I coughed out blood in my phlegm- a blood-streaked phlegm. Last night, when I was blowing my nose, there was also blood in my mucus. I got worried at first when I saw blood in my phlegm, thinking I might have bronchitis, pneumonia or TB. Oh my, not now that im preggy! But when I researched about it online, it said that it must be due to my sinus. Remember, I have been having a terrible headache plus a stuffed nose. And because I have been coughing a lot lately, it must have aggravated or irritated the lining of my throat. Nothing serious unless I'm coughing out large amounts of blood which I am not, fortunately.


**"Liza"** said...

You should get some medication for that. I hate when I get sick, I feel yucky all over. Anyway thanks for linking em up. I'll like your blog too..;)

happymommy said...

Thank you Liza! Thanks for the concern and for linking me up as well. :) You're right. Actually, im planning to see our family doctor tomorrow when i go to work in case the weather is not bad. I'm actually hesitant about taking medication because im pregnant but i still wanna ask the doctor what i may have. It might be something serious, wag namn sana.huhuhu :( Pls pray for me. :) Anyway, i really love ur pics! Keep posting more pics especially of your handsome kids. They're so refreshing to look at. :)

Neophyte Blogger :)

Rissa said...

hello sis! thanks a lot for the messages/comments u left on my blog. i really appreciate it. i sure would link u up. anyway, i hope ur feeling better now. ur son is such a cutie and i'm sure the next one would be just as adorable as the first one. happy monday to u and ur family. kisses to the little one.

happymommy said...

Thank u sis rissa for your reply and for linkin' me up as well! I really appreciate it. I am 21 weeks preggy right now, halfway there. Hopefully, i give birth to a healthy, normal baby. Thanks for your compliment to my baby. :) My fave among ur pics is the baby's feet with your rings, next is your baby on the towels. So beautiful! It inspires me to take digital photography tuloy. :) In case i venture into that, i'll tell u. Hope u can give me some tips, also in blogging coz im new into this kind of thing too. Thanks again! Take care! Sheila :)

February 11, 2008 1:13 PM


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