Saturday, February 23, 2008

Noah's 1st Birthday!

Noah celebrated his first birthday with much fun! It was actually a 3-day celebration. On his birthday itself, we brought some balloons, ice cream and Noah's Ark cupcakes for him and his friends at daycare. When we picked him up, we went to Chuck E Cheese for him to ride and have fun with the kiddie cars. He was awed and at the same time got a little bit scared while riding the horse and the other cars, understandbly because it was his first time, but good Daddy reassured him that everything would be alright. We took some pictures, of course. We were planning to have him eat and play with his birthday cake at home after that, but since it had been a long day for him, we decided to have it some other day. The following day, we celebrated it with Nana Joan, our family friend, who has the same birthday as Noah's. She is a very special friend to us. In fact, she is more than a friend since we consider her a "family". Of all the things I would forget, I, due to being so in a hurry, forgot the camera! duh! Good thing, Nana Joan has a camera since I don't think I could let this special event pass without pictures to rekindle memories of my son's 1st birthday. We surely had fun that night! We even watched American Idol and cheered for our very own Ramielle Malubay. :) I still have to get the pictures though from Joan so I can post them on my blog and send to our relatives and friends as well. Finally, on the 3rd day, Noah had his solo birthday cake! This was the day that I was really excited about. I baked this just for him to devour, eat, or play with. He can do whatever he wants with the cake. It was just a small one with an animal cupcake in the middle and a candle, a musical one at that. Oh gee! The cake was all over his face and hands! It went up to his nostril even. eheehe! We actually called it a "booger cake". :) I took a video of it and I was very happy to see my son enjoying every moment of his birthday. It was so precious. :)

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