Tuesday, February 5, 2008

getting smarter! :D

Feb. 3, 2008 Sunday- My husband called from Florida and little Noah wanted to get the phone from me. As soon as i handed the phone over to him, he said "dada". I asked my husband if he heard it, he said "no". Maybe because he was talking to him at the same time. So, I gave the phone back to Noah. He said "dada" again" then "dade" the third time. It surely made his Daddy's day. We had been watching Baby Mozart a hundred of times this weekend as if it's the only show on earth. There's a part where the green snake would say "Blah". Noah, as soon as he saw the snake, said "aaaah" in a growling way just like how the snake said "blah". It was funny because he surely knows it's coming. Noah has been doing a lot of discovery with his toys. Whenever his toy phone rings, he would give it to me then I would pretend his friend Marky from the daycare was calling him. I would give it back to him and he would say "hi" or just blab. He knows what Cheerios are this time. Yesterday, I said Cheerios and he looked at the top of the cabinet where his Cheerios are located. This morning, it's fascinating because he gave me his little book of numbers. I counted and pointed to him 1 kite, 2 pancakes, then 3 balloons. As soon as he heard the 3 balloons, he turned his back and looked at the 3 balloons I got for my birthday few weeks ago. He even stood up and compared the balloons on the book to the real balloons. It's amazing how his thought process is working at this age. Last Thursday, he was eating his Cheerios form his toy box and the big cow was at his back. he managed to sit on it while eating and without me telling or helping him to get on it. He knows how to put his toys in his box. He is just so amazing. He is getting smarter as the day passes. There was a loud thunder this morning and he cried. He got scared. Of course, mommy comforted him immediately. He already knows how to share. Whenever we say "share mommy", or share daddy", he would raise his hand and put food into our mouth. Last Friday, it was funny because he stood behind his keyboard and started playing it wit his butt. He was having fun doing it. Wish i took a video of that.
Baby Kaeden, our soon-to-be-born baby had been kicking last Friday. I felt his kicks when I placed my hand on my tummy while lying on bed. I had been feeling him move the past few days (as if there's a goldfish swimming inside me :) ), but had not really felt it with my hand. This time it was real. Can't wait to see and hold him in my arms. Thank you. Lord, for another baby.

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