Monday, February 11, 2008

Pinoy cravings! mmmm yum yum!

When I was pregnant with my first son, I had this craving for ice cream. And not just ice cream on a bowl or cup. This is not even the typical ice cream sandwich that we can buy in the stores here in the US. But this ice cream is what I call "only made in the Philippines". :) Back where I grew up, which is Quezon City, there's an ice cream vendor (mamang sorbetero) who carries a cart selling different flavors of ice cream like chocolate, mango, cheese and vanilla. You have a choice if you would like to have it on a cone, cup or bun. Now, it's the bun with ice cream that I'm craving for. So yesterday I got my wheat bread and put strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream in it. hmmm...yum! yum! I even shared this with my baby munchkin Noah. He liked it too! heehehe Pinoy taste yata to! :) Anyway, that's just one of my Pinoy cravings. I have always craved for Pinoy foods eversince I got pregnant. It's difficult for me because there's not much Pinoy restos around here. I have a friend who said that there's one in Kansas but it's so far away, like a 45 min. drive. I was actually bent on driving that far but the sad thing is, it might have closed now because the last thing I heard it was under renovation and supposed to open before Christmas. My friend even went there and said it's still not open. I guess it has closed for good. haaay. One Pinoy food that I'm really, really desperate to eat right now is manggang hilaw(green mangoes)! Yung pinakamaasim na mangga with matching bagoong na mejo maanghang and matamis! errrr! I tasted the mangoes here but they do taste different. I even asked my aunt from California, known for having lots of Pinoy restos and stores, if she could send me some green mangoes. Still, the taste is so much different from what we have in Pinas. haaay! I guess I have to sing the song "pangarap ka na lang ba o maging katotohanan ba..." It seems it's just gonna remain a dream. Another sigh..haaaay....

Pinoy foods that I have also been craving and dreaming of, as in literally, are: sisig especially Gerry's sisig (resto in Timog, QC)mmmm yum yum, lechon, laing, crispy pata, sinampalukang manok, binagoongan, bicol express, Jollibee spaghetti, palabok, Goodah's tapsilog, pares, balot, bulalo, and a lot lot more! hayayayyay! :)

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