Sunday, February 17, 2008

Love Letter From My Husband

It was a surprise. I wasn't expecting to receive anything from my husband for Valentine's day. That day, he was still in Spring Training for a Major League Soccer Team (Kansas City Wizards) in Florida. Also that time, I was busy and worried looking for my driver's license because I thought I lost it again. Fortunately, I found it. :) So, I received a card from the mail with no return address, and I was surprised to learn that it was a Valentine's card from my dear hubby. He wrote a very touching note enough to cause tears to fall from my eyes.

"Sheila; and Noah..
I love You. You are both the two most important people in my life.
I wish I was perfect and had all the answers to make you happy each day.
Yet I do my best to keep you protected and able to have the little extras in life.
We will celebrate Valentine's day and Birthday when I get home.
I miss you everyday & I love you very much
Love, your husband, and dad (Noah) "

I wouldn't trade this for anything else. I wouldn't trade this for an expensive jewelry, or any luxury one can ever dream of. For me, this is incomparable... priceless.


Juliefe said...

thanks for dropin by, sure we can exlinks, I added you already pls dont forget mine to add here as well. i will oftenly visit your blogs too..thanks

acheiver said...

i think you have just started of as a blogger right?but let me tell you you have started with the bang! i loved your blog good work done!


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