Wednesday, February 6, 2008

missin' my hubby

Darling husband called me last night to tell me not to go to work today and the next few days because of the weather condition. My ever so caring and protective hubby monitors the weather in Kansas even when he is in Florida. Weather hasn't really been good as it has been snowing badly. I am preggy right now so my husband doesn't want me to take any risk at all. It's not worth it, he said, which i totally agree. However, i don't wanna miss work for straight three days for several reasons. One is, i end up eating all the time at home. I don't want to gain much weight for it would be hard to shed them off after i give birth. Second, i feel bad, kinda shy for my co-workers for missin' work especially for almost a week, although i know they do understand my situation. Well, for whatever reason, my safety and the baby's is more important than anything else. This day, i had a good time with my baby Noah. I just loved to play with him, hug him, kiss him, coz i miss him a lot whenever he is in the daycare and i am at work. I just wanna make up for those times we're not together. I just love him so much. And of course, i am missin my darling hubby too. It has been 5 days since he has been away. 10 more days, he'd be home soon. That seems like eternity for me. He is such a good man, a great husband and a wonderful father. Everytime he needs to leave out of town for a spring training or a game, he sees to it that we are safe, have everything we need, etc. I appreciate everything he does for me and our family. I love him so much. He is more than a dream come true to me. I truly have A BLESSED LIFE because of him. :)

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