Saturday, February 9, 2008

sick preggy mommy

It's not a good day for me since I am sick. Noah has been crying a lot too especially when I leave him even for a second to get his food or anything. Unlike before, he could go to sleep easily. Now, he would cry for 3 or more times before he'd finally sleep. He hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days. Another reason must be because he's also teething. He would bite me or the glider I sit on. I also think it could be because he hasn't seen his "dada" for a week now. 1 week more and dada would be home. I have been coughing a lot lately. Today, I got a cold, a runny nose. It has been giving me a terrible headache. Plus the fact that I couldn't sleep any better because of my cough. I don't wish to take any medication at all for I am afraid it would affect the baby inside me especially if it's just for minor illnesses like cough, cold or headache. Though I believe doctors won't give you any medication that would harm your baby, still I'm quite hesitant about taking medication while pregnant unless it's really necessary e.g. if you have a UTI, etc. I had UTI during my first trimester and I did take antibiotics for that. The risks of not taking it far outweigh the benefits as what the doctors say. As for my cough, I'm currently doing natural remedy. I've been drinking orange juice with honey 2x or 3x a day. At night, I would drink warm lemon juice with honey. Somehow, it's working since honey is good for loosening the phlegm. But still, I think I feel worse because of my sinus headache. Anyway, Noah had a check-up yesterday, Friday, with our family doctor. He had a fever with temp of 101.4F last Thursday night. Prior to that, when he woke up from his afternoon nap, he had a temp of 101.7F. Our good doctor didn't see any infection at all. No ear infection. His lungs were clear. He said it could be viral. So he advised me to just give him Tylenol every 6 hours just for that day. He hadn't had any fever today. Thank God. It's not cool to have a sick child, and a sick preggy mommy at that. I just pray that Noah won't get infected with my cough and cold. That would make things a lot more difficult and stressful. haaaaay!

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