Sunday, February 24, 2008

Noah's 1st Birthday Gift

Noah got a Little Leaps Grow-With-Me Learning System by LeapFrog for his 1st birthday. My friend at work, Trish, gave this to him and he was excited about it. This educational tool grows with the baby from 9 months to toddler age. It is an entertaining, interactive learning gadget that introduces letters, numbers, colors, shapes, sounds to babies like Noah. He is still learning how to play it though, but given time, he would soon get it. As of now, he is enjoying just pressing the buttons with no rhyme or reason. :)


MariaVictoria said...

Awwww... so adorable!

Oliverdt said...

Wow, how nice and happy mom' you are, I just can't imagine to have kids in the future. I'm married for 2 years but never had children. I wish my prayers will be answered soon. thanks for sharing your life.


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