Monday, July 20, 2009

Online Trading

It was a lazy weekend for the family. Last Saturday though, we went to a nearby park for the boys to go swimming. As expected, there were a lot of kids with their Moms and Dads. Despite that, our little boys had fun. On Sunday, we just stayed home. We were supposed to go to the zoo but decided not to. Instead, we watched our favorite shows such as CSI Miami and Deadliest Catch. And, everytime the CSI's music comes on, no matter where they are, in the kitchen or living room, the boys would dance! Who choreographed it? Daddy! It's hilarous! :) Lazy as it was, hubby found time to go online and check our stocks investment. He mentioned that it's been doing pretty good so far.

Talking about stocks, there is a great stock trading online that has been in the business since 1985. Famous publications such as Forbes, Barron's, Smart Money have considered Firstrade to be an outstanding online broker for years. In fact, they were the first one that started online trading. If you're unsure of what fund is right for you, they could help you with their great tool called Fund Screener. You're account is secured and protected for up to $150 million dollars. There surely is a lot of reasons why you should consider Firstrade. Among them as well are no minimum deposit, no fee IRA's, excellent customer service, etc.


vivacious wife said...

Thanks for the visit in my blog. Been busy that is why I have no extra time to visit many blogs. I hope you are doin' ok. God bless you

remy rassivo said...

hi..ive like to exchange link with you..this is my link

ive link you back on my blog..thanks my friends..=)

DebbieDana said...

hello beautiful mommy! just dropping by here and want to ask how everyone's doing... hope all's well and happy! hugs and kisses to your beautiful boys!!

time to take nap now with my little rascal.

Debbie :)


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