Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Weekend

I guess this Friday my little Noah would have a sleepover at his friend's house. Our daycare has a 3 year old son who has been persistently asking me if I could allow Noah sleep overnight at their house. I've always told him I had to ask his Dad first. Well, this Friday, my husband needs to stay overnight at the stadium for a Night Cup thing. I figured that could be a good time for Noah to do the sleepover. The first time he did it was when my hubby was out of town for a game. I was having second thoughts that time because I knew I'd surely miss my little Noah at night. I asked my hubby for his opinion and he said that could be good for him. Somehow it would teach him some independence. So I agreed. Oh did I miss him a lot! When I picked him up the following morning, I was just so excited and happy that I hugged him tight and kissed him as if he had been away for so long. :)

Anyway, a friend of mine has been asking me if I know of a good NFL Sunday ticket price. She has been an avid fan of football. DirecTV has what they call as NFL Sunday Ticket where you can watch 8 games simultaneously with the current score, quarter and time remaining. They have the widest selection of NFL matchups ever. With it, you can have access to NFL Sunday ticket schedule. Hmmm...sounds like a great deal to me! :)


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

that's a great TV show programming ;)

have a great weekend :)

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