Monday, February 9, 2009

Convenient Card

Noah's birthday is soon to come. And, I'm actually excited for him! Unfortunately though, my husband won't be here on his birthday itself. We're planning on celebrating it before he leaves for Mexico for another Spring Training. Tomorrow, he'd be home from Florida. Oh, Noah is just so happy! Every morning, he has been asking for his Daddy. At night before he sleeps, he mentions Daddy all the time. He's a Daddy's boy obviously. He just called tonight and we thought of treating him at Chuck E Cheese where he can enjoy the kid rides, buy him some balloons at the store which he's truly fond of. Afterwards, we're going to the mall to get him Thomas & Friends bedding set with matching Thomas lamp. We're also considering buying him Thomas the Engine Plush High Back Chair. I just hope it's available though. With all these purchases, an AchieveCard would surely come in handy.

An AchieveCard is a Prepaid Mastercard that works as a Prepaid Debit Card. Carrying a big amount of cash can be very risky. This is safer and convenient to use than cash itself. You can use it not only for buying in store, but also online like a Prepaid Credit Card. Furthermore, you can also use this to make reservations in restaurants, hotels, etc. If you need to put more money into your card, you can easily do so by looking for a reloading location near you. Don't worry. It's not complicated. You can even do direct deposit for FREE with your card. My husband and I live on a budget. With this, we can track our expenses and won't be worried if we're spending more than we're supposed to.

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