Thursday, February 26, 2009

For My Two Boys With Love

Noah and Kaiden,

Each moment you cross my mind, I praise God, and my eyes tear up with joy. As an individual, I have been blessed with so many wonderful memories and incredible accomplishments. I have been all over the world, talked with famous people, spoke in front of hundreds at conferences, participated in the Rose Bowl while with Washington, worked in the NFL and World Cup Qualifiers for the USA. Won All-Star Awards in Hockey, National Championships as a Rower and a few times Daddy even brought home Inspirational Awards. I have been to Major League Soccer Championships and was blessed by God the fate to win. I am respected in the medical field by my colleagues and valued by them to share my opinions. To me, that is an honor which in time you will understand more clearly.

But NOTHING. NOTHING I have experienced in life compares to, or comes remotely close to the simple act of watching you sleep peacefully next to me in bed. There is NOTHING as gratifying as watching you roll over and put your thumb back into your mouth and continue sleeping. NOTHING is so reassuring as hearing the air pass through your tiny nostrils so quietly. NOTHING more precious as your rolling your little body up against me in the middle of the night for protection and comfort. NOTHING more satisfying as to hear you laugh uncontrollably out loud. NOTHING that touches my heart more deeply than your little voice say "Daddy" or in Kaiden's case, "Da Da". NOTHING that melts my heart more easily than your tender kiss against my face.

You boys are my life. All I think about each day are ways to keep you safe, and ways to give you opportunities in life that make you feel complete and happy. Most of all, I want you to know your Daddy prayed to God for you to be his children before you were even conceived. I waited most of my life to have you and at the Lord's perfect time, I was blessed with two incredible boys.

Noah and Kaiden, I love you with all my heart. You are my reason for living. You are gift from God entrusted in me to raise you up properly in order to be good young men. I am not perfect, and I may unknowingly and unintentionally let you down, but I will always love you. Neither of you are perfect, but I will love you unconditionally with each passing day. For you are my sons. Two of the greatest people on this Earth. Two people that if given the choice of all those in the world, I would choose you to spend my day with. Yet the Lord has given me even a greater reward. He chose me to spend my life with you two. I am truly blessed. I love you boys. Always remember and be assured that your Daddy treasures every moment he shares with you. You are his happiness. You are his Joy. You are his son for whom he is so proud. You are his greatest accomplishment.



Two weeks in Mexico, my husband just misses the boys so much that he thought of writing them a letter.


Hazelicious929 said...

ahhh... what a lovely letter! I miss my papa already who's now in heaven! I know he's watching over me.

The love of your husband to your 2 boys are amazing and wonderful!

Take care

DebbieDana said...

Oh Shiela, ano ba, kakaiyak naman. I was in tears reading the letter... I just can't help it. Noah and Kaiden are so blessed to have your husband as their Daddy, I could truly feel his love for them.

What also makes me cry is that.... it makes me remember the love that my Daddy and I shared... I lost him 11 years ago, but I still miss him...I still long for him...

Hay basta....pinaiyak mo ko ng husto.. Things like that makes my heart so touched!

Thank you Mommy Sheila for sharing it with us.


Jona said...

how sweet! i rarely find men writing long love letters such as these. he must really miss your you of course!


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