Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sports Trophies

Boy, I'm so glad that my little Kaiden has finally recovered from the nasty stomach flu. It's certainly no fun having a sick child especially if it involves changing diapers every now and then because of loose bowels. Last Sunday was the first day his stool changed from being watery and runny to thick and less frequent. What a relief for him, and Mommy! :) During those days that I was home taking care of him and Noah, I happened to go over some of my husband's old photos. They won the MLS championships and he's holding their soccer trophies. One picture was with the team's 2 doctors. The other was him holding the big trophy in front of the team's banner. He looked pretty good on those photos, I must say. I still have to wait for him to bring home golf trophies one of these days. When I was in highschool, I joined our class's cheerleading squad. We didn't win, but the cheerleading trophies that were given to the winners were just spectacular. We were jealous, needless to say.

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