Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Embarrassed Me

Oh, it was embarrassing! I went to ALDI today and was excited about getting items from there knowing I would get a great deal. Their prices are even lower than Walmart's. I got milk, eggs, butter, seedless grapes, dry roasted nuts, etc., When I was about to pay, I swiped my card and since it's a debit card, the machine asked for my PIN. What I normally do is press Cancel and process it as a credit card instead. Then, I saw the note on the card machine that says, "ONLY ACCEPTS DEBIT- NO CREDIT". Since I never used my card as debit, I never knew what my PIN was! Oh my! My face blushed from humiliation. And, I didn't have any cash either! ALDI only accepts cash or debit cards, period. Can't pay with a credit card. My fault for I should have known their policy beforehand. Of course, when that happened, there was a line of customers after me. You can just imagine how embarrassed I was. ahhuhuuu!

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