Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kid Again

It was fun, but it was sooo hard. The first 3 days was a challenge for me. I'm talking about hula hoops here. hehe :) There were hula hoops stored in our garage and I thought of giving it a try, for fun. I felt like a kid again. The first time I hula hooped, my little boy Noah couldn't stop laughing! It just kept on falling! I could only do it for 5 counts, and that's it. Even less than that, like 3 counts. I couldn't keep it up. Gee! I didn't know it was that difficult. Amazingly, this morning, I was able to do it longer, without the hula hoop falling. Counted 30 seconds and it's still up. Yipee! ehehe :) 'Twas nice to be kid again. :)

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