Sunday, February 15, 2009

Take Care Of Your Heart

Sadly, I have had relatives and friends who died from heart attacks. I remember my husband telling me a story about a colleague who seemed to be healthy, but succumbed to a sudden heart attack after an early morning jog. According to statistics, the No. 1 killer for women is heart disease. There are warning signs that women tend to shrug off and not take seriously. A good example would be if you experience tightness in the chest. One may think it's just a heartburn. Sometimes, it's harder to tell for women for they are subtler.

In line with this, I encourage everyone to join this inspiring program from American Heart Association Go Red For Women and Chiquita, Fresh Express. Show your support by simply signing-up and uploading your photo to the site. In fact, every time you buy marked Fresh Express Salad or Chiquita Fruit Bite, a portion of it is donated to the program. I signed up myself for I believe in the good cause. Be healthy and feel good.

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