Sunday, February 8, 2009

Eeeew! Eeewww!

One morning, I was giving Noah and Kaiden a bath in the tub. Oh, they had so much fun together! Splashes of water everywhere! I took Kaiden out first for he had been standing up at the side of the tub indicating he's ready to go. After drying him up and putting on his diaper and clothes, I heard Noah saying, "poop! pooping!". Thinking he might have wanted to go, I ran to the bathroom and lo and behold! You won't believe what happened! He crapped in the tub! I saw floating what seemed like half-melted Snickers chocolate bars everywhere! The wall seemed like hand painted similar to an abstract painting. It was nasty. I immediately took Noah out of the tub, drained the water, scooped the poop out and washed all his toys. I put Noah in the shower in the other bathroom to let him finish his bath. While I was washing all this toys, I heard him shout "eeeewww! ewww!" Oh,no..not again. Well, I don't have to tell you what happened. Your guess is as good as mine. This time they looked like melted Butterfinger mini bars scattered all over the shower floor. lol! Thinking there might still be left-overs ( sorry couldn't think of a better term hehe:), I put him on his potty chair and told him "This is where you poop, ok?"

We have been trying to potty train Noah for sometime now. Not much success for most part, but we're getting there. We don't really force it on him. We just let him take the lead. Whenever there are accidents, we always tell him " You poop in the toilet, ok?" I guess, thinking about it, he actually did what he's told. He surely did poop in the toilet. Just not in his potty chair though. :) Although utterly disgusting, this is one of those that will make me laugh when I recall their childhood days. Chocolates, anyone? :)


Chris said...

yikes! but these stories are really something we moms will cherish until our kids grow up :D

im also potty training my Toby but I havent been successful yet. how old is your boy?

DebbieDana said...

LOL.... To others, that was gross, but to most Mommies like me, that was cute and funny!

I could see it in my mind exactly what happened, hehe. I know one of these days, it could hapen to Daniel too, so I better get ready, haha.

Debbie :)

Texas Cow Girl said...

that was funny hahahaah! had fun reading ur post


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